I offer a range of services to support you in carrying your baby.  I am happy to tailor a session to your requirements, so if what you're looking for isn't listed below then please feel free to contact me.  Consultations can be shared with a friend if you both need the same thing, or I can put together a workshop for an antenatal group.



A private 1:1 (or with a partner) consultation gives us plenty of time to really go into detail with your specific carrying needs.  Consultations take place at my home or yours and we will cover babywearing positioning and safety before going on to demonstrate one or a number of suitable carriers.  I will demonstrate first then support you to have a go by yourself, using a demo doll or your own baby, whichever is most comfortable for you.  Consultations generally last for around 90 minutes but I allow plenty of time for stopping to take a break, change, feed etc.

I also offer a mini consult for 30 minutes, trying up to three carriers.  These are ideal if you already have an idea of what you're looking for, or perhaps need some help troubleshooting a particular issue with your own carrier.  Mini consults are charged at £10.


WORKSHOPS - £20 per person (£30 couple)

I offer bookable workshops for up to five families, each covering a specific aspect of babywearing.  We will cover babywearing benefits, positioning and safety before going on to demonstrate and try together a particular sling or type of carry.

Upcoming workshops

  • Introduction to Babywearing/Carrying Your Newborn

  • Introduction to Woven Wraps

  • Back Carrying in a SSC (soft structured carrier)

  • Back Carrying in a Woven Wrap

  • Rock Your Ring Sling

(Dates and venues tbc)