Slinging In The Rain

Sorry, cheesy blog title or what? As we move into autumn and the weather turns, here are my top tips for babywearing in the wind and rain.

Layers, layers, layers

I think that’s my top tip for babywearing in most weathers! It’s always key to wear appropriate layered clothing so you can keep yourself and baby comfortable easily between showers or going in and out of buildings. For a younger baby, normal indoor clothing and sling onto your normal indoor clothing, then you can add layers on top of you both as necessary so they can easily be taken off without taking baby out of the sling. An older, walking toddler may be better to wear her own waterproof coat or suit and put in the sling over your coat, so you don’t need to keep taking off your coat if she is up and down. As always, avoid overly padded snowsuits for little one which can be too warm even in autumn, and be vigilant of baby’s airway if you’re wearing padded coats or furry hoods.

Front or back?

For a younger baby in a front carry, you will find it easier to put her in the carrier over your indoor clothes and then put a big coat around both of you. For an older baby on your back, they would wear their own raincoat and go over your coat.


…ella…ella… Use a big golf type umbrella to keep you both dry (and the beauty of using a sling here is that you have hands free for an umbrella which you wouldn’t when pushing a buggy).

Coat hack

You may have seen this tip floating around the internet recently. If using a buckled carrier, you can thread the shoulder straps through a toddler’s raincoat or adult lightweight waterproof coat before putting the carrier on as normal. This gives you a rain proof layer over both sling and baby.

Save or splurge?

If you babywear often then it can be a good idea to invest in a dedicated product to help make your autumns and winters more comfortable. There are a range of products on the market including babywearing coats (most have a panel allowing you to wear the coat over both of you for front and back carrying) and waterproof covers to go over your carrier. If you’re on a budget or would rather not buy yet another shiny new thing, there are so many ways to make what you have work. The coat hack above, wear a larger size coat to go over you and baby or use a big poncho/shawl/blanket around baby and over your shoulders if you’re back carrying.

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing! Experiment with some of these ideas, find what works for you and get out there to enjoy the rain and mud that buggy wheels would struggle with!