Hot Weather Babywearing

It’s getting hot in here!

Carrying your little one in hot weather is definitely possible, and being mindful of a few more details could help make things more comfortable and safe for both of you. You know yourself and your child - and your tolerance of the heat - best so always follow those instincts.

  • Layers: most carriers count as one extra layer of clothing (three layers for stretchy wraps and Caboos) so bear that in mind when dressing you and baby. Baby could be in a vest or even just a nappy. You could choose a lighter sling (eg a linen or cotton ring sling or carriers designed specifically for the hot weather).

  • Hydration: drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Frequent breastfeeds for a breastfed baby or small sips of water if you're formula feeding (cooled boiled water for a baby under 6 months). If you breastfeed in the sling remember to return baby to their original upright position once they have finished the feed.

  • Hip or back carries can be cooler as they hold baby's body away from the centre of your torso.

  • Keep yourselves cool with a fan, parasol, seeking out a shady spot or taking a break from carrying. Don't forget to protect exposed areas of skin with suncream and hats.

  • Use a buggy if you both feel more comfortable (remember not to cover the buggy with a cloth or blanket as this can raise the temperature inside even further).

If you’re a particularly hot person, will be carrying regularly during the summer months or are going abroad, there are carriers specifically designed with hot weather in mind. Visit your local sling library or consultant to try out a few options in person.