Christmas Babywearing

How can a sling help you during the festive season?

I love Christmas. The fun, the magic, visiting friends and family, carol singing, the list goes on…Amid all the hustle and bustle, a sling can be a huge help to both you and baby while you navigate the most wonderful time of the year.

Navigate the crowds

I don’t know about you but I try to avoid the town centre in the few weeks leading up to Christmas! Especially with little ones in tow, it can really raise the stress levels while trying to find a parking space big enough to get the buggy out of the boot or negotiating a busy high street without running over anyone’s feet with the wheels. Putting baby in the sling leaves your hands free for shopping bags and allows you to take the stairs or escalator without having to wait for the lift.

Stay germ-free

Visiting friends and family brings with it a list of would-be baby cuddlers! By all means accept an extra pair of hands to hold the baby, but if you’re worried about little one catching a cold before the big day, keeping them close to you in a sling can help provide a barrier from well-meaning relatives and friends and their germs.

Keep warm

One of the loveliest things during winter is a long walk in the fresh air, especially as we are so spoiled with glorious countryside here in Surrey. Bringing your little one along in a sling, while you are both dressed safely and appropriately with plenty of layers, will help keep you both warm and cosy if winter winds blow.

Safe space

The music, twinkling lights and spicy smells may conjure up the Christmas spirit for us as adults, but for little ones they can be a very overwhelming experience. Keeping baby close to you in a sling gives them much needed comfort and reassurance; the familiarity of your body, breathing and smell is their safe space. When they feel safe close to you, they will feel much more confident to enjoy all the excitement the season has to offer.