Carrying your baby or child has a huge range of benefits for you and your little one.  Using a well-fitting, comfortable sling or carrier can make this much easier.

Benefits for baby

  • It allows your child to take part in your world: people talk more to carried babies and receive more frequent interactions than at pushchair level. Babies learn by imitation so being closer to adult head height gets them closer to imitate you.

  • Babies feel safe and important. The caregiver is able to read baby’s cues sooner so they become more responsive to baby’s needs.

  • As mammals we have evolved to carry our young!

  • Being held close to the caregiver helps regulate many physical factors - temperature, heart rate, hormones, colic…

  • A well fitting sling helps support baby’s natural position including hips, spine, core muscles and aids vestibular development.

  • It keeps baby warm in winter.

  • You and baby can go places you may not be able to reach otherwise.

  • Baby sleeps better!

benefits for the wearer

  • The cuddles are so special!

  • Carrying can help postnatal mood and postnatal depression. Keeping baby close and in contact with you releases that all-important oxytocin.

  • It is practical and gives you your hands free; this is especially beneficial if there’s an older sibling to care for as well.

  • It helps you read baby’s cues sooner so neither of you reach high stress levels due to unmet or misunderstood needs.

  • Some slings are very pretty and attractive and can almost become a new collector’s item!

  • Carrying can help with lactation and increases breastfeeding duration. A sling can be used to aid breast or bottle feeding.

  • It builds core strength gradually which can help with postnatal recovery.

  • It can help other family members bond with baby.