I am a mother of three living in Guildford, Surrey.  I have carried all of my children since infancy and babywearing has become part of how we operate as a family.  From providing closeness and cuddles, to helping act as an extra pair of hands to take care of the baby while running after the toddlers, slings and carriers have been invaluable and I can't imagine life without them!

Pre-children my background has been within music and the arts, working at venues and for an internationally acclaimed orchestra, and I still pursue my interests by playing in a local band. Having children has seen my professional career take a different path to what I may have expected but Iā€™m thrilled and privileged to now be working with families, supporting them to find out how using a sling could benefit them too.

I have volunteered at Guildford Sling Library for some time and trained as a babywearing Peer Supporter with Born to Carry. In 2016 I completed my Babywearing Consultant training with Slingababy to enable me to work with babies and their caregivers in greater depth.